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Detox Nutrition Program

Helping You To Look And Feel Amazing


Body Wellness Detox Plan ........................................................ £90

Beat The Bloat & Rejuvenate & Revive Your Energy Levels & Appearance 

(Online Personalized Body & Skin Detox Nutrition Programme) 

  • Feeling and looking tired all the time?
  • Need a jump-start to lose weight?
  • Getting bloated after everything you eat?
  • Are you getting gas, cramps or pain?
  • Do you suspect certain foods disagree with you?
  • Have you had a stressful time or have had eaten badly recently?
  • Need a Detox after partying too hard and experiencing the toxic after-effects? 

What You Will Receive:

žThis is a 14 day program to beat the bloat that involves a dietary plan and supplements where necessary. Over the 10 day period, Shahena will keep in contact to see how you are getting on and if anything needs to be altered. She will be able to answer any questions or queries you may have.


ž A personalized, easy to follow online diet programmes especially created for you. Online Diet Analysis (via email) includes information on your health problems or goals, Full diet plan tailor-made for you, and optional recommendations for supplements.

  • žAnalysis includes in-depth analysis of diet including fats, protein and carbohydrates, specific nutrients and a report with dietary advice.
  • Including recipe ideas and optional supplement recommendations.
  • A shopping list will also be included to help you out with sticking to the plan.
  • During your initial consultation you will discuss any problems you may be experiencing and look at the possible causes.
  • You will discuss certain foods that may be disagreeing with you and the diet plan will be made in accordance with your preferences and lifestyle.
  • Once purchased, we will contact you to arrange your session with us.
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Healthy & Indulgent Recipes

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Transforming basic ingredients into healthy & deliciously indulgent dishes. 

Medical Herbalism & Nutritional Healing

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Tailor-made Food & Nutrition Advice to meet your lifestyle and needs.

Look younger, prevent ageing and achieve your perfect complexion and ideal figure with an easy to follow eating plan.

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